[the practice encyclopedia that carbon bakes the carbon of wood of practice encyclopedia _ of ovine leg to bake mutton chop] –

Article introduction

The method of leg of the carbolic sheep that bake is about the same, it is the choice in condiment only, the method of souse and bake the meeting on the skill that make to have different, the carbon that such making come out bakes ovine leg flavour and mouthfeel have very big distinction. Leg of the carbolic sheep that bake is good eat suffer a lot of elements to affect, the person operation with same condiment and different method also can appear to taste differently, so OK and great attempt bakes everybody differently formulate a method, improve skill slowly.

Carbon bakes the practice encyclopedia of ovine leg

Wooden carbon bakes the practice encyclopedia of mutton chop

Measure 1: Use ovine leg knife sliver, put condiment next souse, put salt, chili, fennel, Chinese prickly ash to wait according to guest taste, this moment cannot put Zi like that. These makings want to fillShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Divide the surface layer that the flesh applies after mixing, provide with sealer next sealed, make the flesh sufficient souse goes flavour, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Time 3 hours best.

Measure 2: Preparative garlic mud, small pink is burnt, mixture agitate divide evenly, when taking roast meat, use. The purpose is the Jiao Li outside letting what hotpot bakes tender, and not burnt, garlic sweet smell is full-bodied and nice, quite delicious, this is distinctive secret recipe, dedicated.

Measure 3: After charcoal fire has been born, add grill, there had better be 30 centimeters space between grill and charcoal fire, periphery wants approach to rise, form steam up absolutely direction, avoid loss of quantity of heat. Ovine leg is worn after going up, want to be able to control fluctuation to invert freely, make with be being baked equably.

The leg that wait for a sheep is baked 7 when cent is ripe, wipe mashed garlic paste, wait for when baking Zhi of the anxious yellow Zhi that risk oil to make sound, drop nature and chili cover.

Carbon bakes the practice encyclopedia of ovine leg

Oneself mastered time to go almost. Because hotpot has the branch of old hotpot and tender hotpot, bake so it is difficult to make time teach hold.

Wooden carbon bakes the practice of ovine leg

Advocate makings: Abluent ovine leg

Method / measure:

1, after preparing abluent ovine leg, want to begin modulation bittern. Namely from the back should use immerse of ovine leg flavor water. Clear water heats, put flavor, carrot, onion, green pepper, caraway, Zi to wait like that, the part that flavor allows after heating boiled water is sufficient dissolve Yu Shuizhong, after filtering, leave juice. This uses the bittern of souse sheep leg namely.

2, should begin to handle abluent ovine leg. Ovine leg should wipe divide evenly adequately with salt, gourmet powder. To make flavoring tasty, usable also knife cuts on a few knives on ovine leg. Half hour is put first after wiping divide evenly. The bittern that uses the first situation next immerses, this process is longer, want ability tasty a long time.

Carbon bakes the practice encyclopedia of ovine leg

3, immersing adequately after tasty. If should let ovine leg,when bake the word with a bit more fragile skin is about to prepare crackling water. Nevertheless crackling water wants heat to drench. Ovine leg should wait after heat drenchs cortical after working, ability get angry is baked.

4, take charcoal to begin to burn. When waiting for charcoal combustion temperature to achieve 200 degrees of above, frame on ovine leg begins barbecue.

5, the duration that the attention bakes. Notice to retroflexion when bake. Should bake normally make near 4 hours. When skin shows goldA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Fizzle out or cardinal OK edible.

Oven bakes ovine leg

If use domestic report oven, need a hotpot souse above all. Method: Fresh hotpot (fat thin half and half) cut man, put into the basin, zi like that, chili, fennel, careless cardamom seed, jiang Mo, salt, a fewA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, salad oily a few, souse 2-3 hour. Had strung together diced meat, spill right amount salt, salad oil, zi like that, chili face puts oven, be in unbaked when, shut oven, take out, retroflexion, again1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Second scatter right amount salad oil, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Zi like that. Bake make small anxious can.