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When a lot of people buy red jujube one-time bought amount is a little large, the build plus red jujube is very big also, cannot eat too much, eat1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Much very easy suffer from excessive internal heat, what so a lot of people can eat is very few, the meeting after the time that brings about red jujube to put is long spent the expiration period, actually we should see red jujube whether have deteriorate or inside whether be dry, the red jujube that works commonly can save a few years or so.

 Red jujube is put long can still eat

Red jujube is put long can still eat

Dry fruit food does not have the expiration period of special requirement. Pressing a country to ask to show red jujube is the expiration period of 12 months after treatment. The dried food is most 36 months. Red nevertheless jujube also puts 24 months at most, again much also doing not have a problem is nutrient value not tall. There is candy branch inside red jujube, candy portion is acid radical material, show acidity. Put long get microbial decompose, acidity is more apparent. Bacterial amount is large, cannot eat. If it were not for is put very long, proposal water is boiled, next again insolation, can.

Red jujube can be put commonly how long

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For, in bags does red jujube expiration period1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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For 24 months, no matter bulk red jujube is soft hard, want jujube to was not cleaned only, put in shady and cool and dry ventilated place, temperature had better be controlled 10 degrees arrive in 1 degree, can put 10 months left and right sides usually. Between Gan Gongzao’s expiration period, also want to whether often have occurrence metamorphism alertly. If end has the base of a fruit of red jujube to punch or stick the powder that has coffee or puce, with respect to the specification this jujube already was crossed by bug eat by moth, break red jujube to be able to see there is bug excrement to exist between fleshy nucleus. Red jujube most be afraid of high temperature and moisture, easy an oar, unripe bug is mildewy. Accordingly, gan Gongzao is saved must put in shady and cool and dry place.

 Red jujube is put long can still eat

How is red jujube carried what can put is long

Want Gan Gongzao to eat for a long time, it is very important to choose a method. Carry a jujube to should choose a big, burnish above all Gong Liang, without mildew and rot, without moth-eaten Gan Gongzao; undertakes foretaste next and hold red jujube with handle gently, if taste,go out have acerb taste, hold with the hand wet soft and stick a hand, this explains Gan Gongzao is damper, not fast lay aside, easily mildew and rot is degenerative. Love to eat red jujube you, must remember these little skill.

Note of red jujube edible

One, red jujube takes filling avoid overdose

1, choose red jujube to enter fill to also be not appropriate all female friends. Be in for instance menstruation, regular meeting of a few females gives lose face the phenomenon with swollen or swollen limb, this is the expression of weight in wet base, this kind of crowd does not suit edible red jujube, because red jujube smell is sweet, eat to be born easily more phlegmy unripe wet cause water wet indigestion within body, add heavy oedema symptom thereby. In the meantime, a few fill because of taking red jujube to enter and belong to the female with hot and dry constitution, also do not suit to be taken in period feed, cause classics blood so easily overmuch and damage health.

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, although red jujube is to enter the beautiful that fill to taste, but excessive edible is harmful also and healthy. Take food as a result of new bright red jujube overmuch, produce diarrhoea easily and hurt ” lienal ” , accordingly, as a result of the cold that wind of diseases caused by external factors is heated up and causes, the person that have a fever reachs patient of abdominal distension stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, unfavorable edible red jujube.

3, red jujube contains rich candy to divide (the red jujube) that makes sock especially, the diabetic is in into when filling, had better not feedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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With red jujube, lest cause blood sugar heighten, make illness aggravation.

4, red jujube takes the optimal kind that fill is water is boiled namely, meeting influence enters such both neither the medical effect that fill, also can avoid to eat place raw to causeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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 Red jujube is put long can still eat

2, edible of cankered and degenerative avoid

Although big jujube is fragile sweet goluptious, nutrition is rich, but be saved not easily however and deteriorate easily. The meeting after big jujube is cankered makes microbial breed, the fruit acid in the jujube is enzymatic continue to decompose pectic generation to kiss glue acid and methanol, methanol can be decomposed again generate formaldehyde and methanol. The jujube with cankered edible, light person can cause dizziness, make eye fall victim, endanger life again.

3, eat big jujube to want to nibble slow pharynx

Red jujube is beautiful of nourishing take good care of sb is tasted, can often edible, but excessive of avoid by all means, edible can cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice too much overmuch, abdominal distension wait for a problem. And the jujube skin of red jujube is digested it is more difficult to rise, must to nibble slow pharynx.