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Article introduction

Moon cake eating when annual the Mid-autumn Festival is very natural when, the Mid-autumn Festival eats moon cake also was to circulate long is consuetudinary, representing reunion He Jixiang. Because be in the Mid-autumn Festival when everybody can buy a few moon cake besides oneself besides, still meet everybody mutual between add send a few moon cake, can bring about the meeting in the home to have more moon cake so, when moon cake does not eat, a lot of people can choose to put moon cake inside freezer to save rise to eat slowly, to such practice do not suggest.

Moon cake is OK and refrigerant

Moon cake is OK and refrigerant

Moon cake does not suggest to put freezer refrigerant.

Moon cake is to won’t put freezer commonly in, put moon cake the practice of freezer is incorrect. Because the amylaceous course in moon cake raw material is roast ripe after changing, become soft, mouthfeel is exquisite, mixShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Rice is same, a few days are put to be able to harden in freezer. Below microtherm, moon cake is ripe water of meeting separate out divides the flour that change, become ageing, make moon cake hardens, mouthfeel becomes poor, become moldy easily still. So1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Moon cake had better not put freezer. The moon cake inside the expiration period is completely OK normal temperature is saved, put in ventilated, dryA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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the place is OK. And if passed the moon cake of the expiration period, that had better not edible, lest create the body unwell.

Moon cake can put freezer cold storage, just do not suggest commonly so do. Moon cake besides do not suggest to be put in freezer, also be not to suggest refrigerant. Some people are saved to make moon cake OK longer, use refrigerant means, but memory of this kind of means is ruinous to alimental bigger, because this also does not suit to for moon cake. Because more moisture content is contained in moon cake, undertaking refrigerant when among them moisture is frozen, be in into1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Travel defrost when moisture is met many prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and small hole is formed in moon cake, such meetings affect mouthfeel and taste badly.

Moon cake is OK and refrigerant

2What food can not put freezer

1, tomato patch

If put potato into freezer. The starch in potato can decompose candy, the potato that you can discover to you are bought later can have sweet taste, and fry come out very bad to eat, affect the mouthfeel of potato.

2, banana

Everybody knows banana they are to produce from tropics, if we put banana in freezer, can discover banana skin blackens very quickly cankered, we are actually OK last film is fine the root ministry package of banana, OK lasted.

3, tomato

Tomato is also be the family often hasShanghai noble baby

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a kind of dish, if put tomato into freezer, after the low temperature that passes freezer is handled, tomato can become sodden, and return meeting craze decay, of tomato store the method is very simple also, the base of a fruit it is gadarene, had installed with bag sealed.

Moon cake is OK and refrigerant

4, green pepper cucumber

This kind of dish also cannot put green pepper cucumber in freezer, meeting molten, blacken to still can change flavour, especially cucumber still can be sent in Zhang Mao, we store groovily means, put on the floor of the kitchen namely, what time can save is a few longer.

5, honey

Some people put honey in freezer, time grew you to be able to discover, it will be crystal, very difficult teem comes, after we buy honey, it is OK to if be put sealedly,be in shady and cool, dry place only, do not need to be put in freezer to store. Because he has honey really originally,last certainly of the function.

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