Pop chart of Steam sales volume ” total war the Three Kingdoms ” the first ” thunderbolt biff ” the 3rd

Recently, steam was announced arrived on May 27 the sales volume pop chart June 2, ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” rank to be mixed the 2nd, ” thunderbolt biff ” the 3rd. Sales volume pop chart: 1: ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” 2: ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” 3: ” thunderbolt biff ” (Mordhau) 4: ” seek to live on absolutely ” 5: ” empty sky is blamed ” (Void Bastards) 6: ” ghost sob 5 ” 7: ” car of hunt of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 5 ” 8: ” army group 1944 ” (Battalion 1944) 9: ” watchdog 2 ” 10: ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” attention: On May 30 ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” Steam shop address is updated, link be no longer in force earlier, cause sales volume appear on a list of names posted up two ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” . This period sales volume a list of names posted up ranks the first with上海贵族宝贝

second be ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” , this is the balefire legend that total war series shapes Chinese ancient time上海千花网交友

first. Campaign is made in the bout of exciting in, can build a nation, manage state affairs manages politics. In the instant battle of acclaim as the peak of perfec上海千花网

tion making a person, O上海千花网交友

K battlefield of go on an expedition, broken army fight the enemy. ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” both clever union, redefine the legend history that then Duan Yingxiong comes forth in large numbers. Ranking tertiary is ” thunderbolt biff ” the behavioral game that is a m阿爱上海同城

ediaeval setting, play a way similar ” equestrian with chop kill ” . The attack movement diversification of game, the player can choose a variety of professions, different profession has employ 上海贵族宝贝

law and special skill differently. Game picture is quite elegant, weapon and armature shield glance let you divide not clear reality and fictitious, character operation is quite fluent also, a variety of game mode let you have more choice. Rank of the 4th is ” seek to live on absolutely ” , so long this game person is enraged as before very tall, although outside hang and Bug is so much still, but players like to eat chicken as before, immortal big melee is very amused, will quickly try. Rank of the 5th is ” empty sky is blamed ” , should make inspiration result from ” biochemical an army suddenly appearing from nowhere ” (BioShock) and ” network an ingenious military move 2 ” (System Shock 2) , it is a game of revolutionary new-style and politic fire. In game, marksmanship of player harden oneself while, wisdom also will get test.