Netease game announces formally to act as agent ” my world ” PC edition and mobile phone edition

Chinese Guangzhou was without cabined creation and exploration to belong to your world only on May 20, 2016, be afraid that you are not quite a kick in one’s gallop! Microsoft, Mojang and Netease announce jointly today, mojang will ” my world ” the exclusive operation of chinese mainland area counterpoises, grant Netease banner formally next subsidiary, by a definite date 5 years. According to consultative content, mojang will together Netease is Chinese player custom-built ” my world ” exclusive version. ” my world ” the sandbox game that is whole world of a fashionable, the player can be in uncharted territory in adventure, collect resource and create infinite world. Game appeared on the market 2011, already reaped countless international reward up to now, register user number to already exceeded 100 million, spread all over each ages paragraph and almost every country on the world.

” my world ” through setting a variety of game pattern, offer what abound diversity to the player to play a law to choose. In live (the limit) in mode, the player needs to collect resource, build shelter and corresponding plant in order to maintain life. And in creating pattern, the player can get endless resource, any boxes in using game piece build all sorts of buildings and setting. If hope to enter other domain to explore sealed map, the player can choose adventurous mode. Besides, ” my world ” the development with community old course, also offerred those who take for game not the modification patch of exhaust and personalized module. Change character, the player can be passed ” my world ” this open platform is built those who belong to oneself is Utopian.

We hope to pass all sorts of opportunities will ” my world ” the new player that brings the world each district, enlarge our game community, the game that is us brings new development perspective. ” my world ” CEO Jonas Martensson of atelier of Mojang of business of research and development expresses, be in ” my world ” long-term development respect, netease and we are having very good consensus, the development that also supports Mojang very much is politic. We are very glad can hand in hand the adventurer that Netease receives China jointly and wright people.

We are very glad to can bring Chinese player this top game, also hope our effort can let player community flourish more. Netease company presiding apparitor and virgin population Lei express, the thorough understanding that depends on pair of Chinese game markets and associate with are abroad and famous the successful representative experience of game, believe we can are ” my world ” strong platform support is provided in the development of Chinese market, also hope Netease can be mixed a join forces creates Mojang double win, for the whole world at the same time the biggest player group provides the user experience of acme.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT, @microsoft) , it is the software with banner whole world, service, equipment and solution supplier. Be based on shift to be first, yun Weixian’s strategy, the individual that Microsoft devotes oneself to to help the whole world and enterprise develop his latent capacity adequately.

Mojang is a business of electronic game development that is located in Sweden, the famousest product that the company develops is ” my world ” . Mojang joined Microsoft studio 2014, update continuously ” my world ” . The development that the company aims to be game industry creates more energy and innovation motive force.

Netease (NASDAQ: NTES) is China’s lead network technology company, devote oneself to to provide the online service that is a center with content, community, communication and business affairs. Netease research and development and operation a few in China the most welcome online end swims and the hand swims, advertisement service, mailbox service and electric business platform. Netease still cooperates with blizzard recreation, its in the world wide many welcome online game introduces China.