Machine armour RTS ” iron and steel is reaped ” real opportunity of much person mode demonstrates to tear open house maniple to come

Now, king Art was released ” iron and steel is reaped ” brand-new version, at present game has entered much person mode to check first, participate in numerous the player that prepares purchase in advance can undertake buying, meanwhile, intermediary gave off game real opportunity to demonstrate outside, look together. Real opportunity demonstrates:
In phase of Alpha 2 version, game joined antagonism computer mode, include AI assault pattern, task of much person collaboration, content of 3 pieces of maps (two 1V1 map, ) of map of a 2V2, play is at present only factional, but this factional included tens of planting machine armour chooses for the player. To the player with instant and politic familiar game, very should fast can begin makes the game with battle style this. ” iron and steel is reaped ” after story setting set is one battle start shooting, secret organization plans to disturb Europe, the mankind burned trees of more science and technology through Industrial Revolution, make an armour of such as machine, mobile steely fort wait for the thing that fills vapour friend to overcome a style. Game includes 3 great empires, german Sa Ke Sen is Caesarean, pineapple Buddhist nun inferior republic, su Yue is regnal. The player needs to hold accuse armour of heroic part, machine and soldier to defy these are organized, make a tough fight. Game mechanism includes trends to destroy an element, although maniple supports automatic exploration blindage, but blindage is very easy damaged, especially those battleplan armour, must beware of enemy, game still uses sandbox task mechanism, explore distinctive method to manage campaign. Video cut pursues: