Mobile marketing company takes 56K sf at Vornado s 330 West 34th Street Braze, formerly Appboy, will be subletting from Outcome Health

Braze CEO Bill Magnuson and 330 West 34th Street (Credit: Twitter and Google Maps)

Mobile marketing vendo上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰r Braze, formerly known by the unfortunate name Appboy, is d上海同城对对碰交友社区 上海夜网论坛oubling its office space in the Garment District and moving five blocks south, to Vornado Realty Trust s 330 West 34th Street.

The company signed a five-year deal with subtenant Outcome Health for 56,000 square fe新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区et on the 17th and 18th floors of the 18-story building, Commercial Observer reported. Braze currently occupies 27,000 square feet at the Gural family s 318 West 39th Street.

The sublandlord, health information startup Outcome Health, is currently un上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝der investigation by the Department of Justice due to fraud allegations from investors. Outcome first moved into the building as a subtenant itself, subletting 56,000 square feet from digital marketers Yodle in 2017.

Braze, which develops software for companies to send out mobile marketing messages, counts HBO, ABC News and Venmo among its clients. The company closed on an $80 million Series E funding round in October.

Other tenan上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛ts at the 689,000-square foot building include home improvement website, construction firm Structure Tone, and women s clothing retailer New York Company. [CO] Kevin Sun

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Andy Cohen

Hamptons home market starts 2019 in a slump, Andy Cohen closes on Amagansett property purchase more real estate news from the East End

Clockwise from top left: Hamptons home market starts 2019 in a slump, a former ballerina s waterfont Bridghampton home heads to contract with a lowered $34M ask, $1K-a-night Great Gatsby home in Bridgehampton is offered up by Airbnb for just $17 and a new eatery prepares to open in a famous Water Mill diner whose former owner Richard Bivona pleaded guilty to fraud charges for keeping pay from workers.

Hamptons home sales market starts 2019 in a slump
The number of Hamptons homes that sold during the first three months in 2019 fell nearly 20 percent when compared to the same time in 2018, the lowest mark in seven years and a sign of a general downturn in the market, according to first quarter data released by Douglas Elliman. The number of home sales has been steadily declining since the end of 2017, while inventory has risen sharply during the past two quarters. The past few months saw inventory spike 87.8 percent, to 2,407, compared with the same time a year ago. The median sales price dropped 5.5 percent year-over-year, to $850,000, but nearly 15 percent from the $995,00 it hit during the fourth quarter of 2018. The average sales price dipped a little more than 3 percent, to almost $1.63 million, from the same time in 2018. There are, however, some bright spots.

“The Hamptons market is skewing to the low end, with high sales activity [below $1 million] and the lowest number of sales at or above $10 million in six years,” said a statement from Elliman s Hamptons vice president Carl Benincasa. “With a sharp rise in listing inventory, buyers are going to have more options as we head into the spring and summer… w新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区e may see some pent-up demand start to affect sales in the coming quarters.” Hamptons homes are also moving quicker, spending about 10 percent fewer days on the market than they would have at the beginning of 2018 and nearly 30 percent fewer days than they did at the end of 2019. In the luxury market, where the Hamptons have had some of the priciest home sales in the country, the median sales price rose 18.2 percent year-over-year, to $6.56 million, a metric that was still 16.4 percent lower than the end of 2018. Luxury inventory also swelled to 869, a 77.7 percent increase from the fourth quarter of 2018 and a whopping 191.6 percent rise from the first quarter of last year. [Douglas Elliman]

Andy Cohen closes on empty Amagansett oceanfront property
Bravo talk show host and reality television extraordinaire Andy Cohen has closed on his purchase of an oceanfront Amagansett property with the final price landing at $5.4 million, according to 27east. The vacant parcel at 161 Marine Boulevard originally listed for $7.25 mill上海夜网论坛 上海夜网ion in 2018, but had its price recently chopped down to $5.9 million before it finally settled about $500,000 lower. Fellow screen star Sarah Jessica Park apparently helped Cohen[……]

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SNK ” Shi Hun ” make conduct propaganda newly short is visional 4 make put on sale of the summer at the beginning of this year

EVO or calling Evolution Championship series is the world tounament of top class fistfight game electron thing, and holding the contest while, manufacturer of each big fistfight game people often also meet choose machine exposes to the sun a fierce makings. On the EVO2019 Japan now, SNK is luxuriant announced ” Shi Hun ” series makes newly demonstrate short![……]

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” mission call 6: Modern war 2 refashion edition ” exposure

Compose PEGI had finished European game grader to be opposite ” mission call 6: Modern war edition of 2 battle refashion ” of PS4 edition classification, affirmed ” mission call 6: Modern war edition of 2 battle refashion ” exist. In November 2016 ” mission call 4: Edition of modern war refashion ” develop with IW ” mission call 13: Infinite war ” advanced edition binds a sale, ability was able to sell independently in June 2017, landed PS4, landed PC and Xbox mission call in July 2017 6: Modern war 2 at the beginning of this year January when, youTube user Chaos explodes makings say, ” mission call 16 ” what still pay attention to is much person plays a way, and single person battle uses very lazily ” mission call 6: Modern war 2 ” the refashion edition of single person battle is replaced, do not include No Russian job, still can join after the likelihood ” modern war 3 ” single person battle. Sign up for the conference to go up in the money last month nevertheless, move inspect president Rob Kostich to affirm ” mission call 16 ” will have a brand-new battle pattern. 2019 ” mission call 16 ” develop by IW, there is hearsay to say before this is ” modern war 4 ” . [……]

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Pirate adventure game ” ATLAS ” new version will open 3 kinds of distinctive mode, open in April test is taken

Pirate adventure game ” ATLAS ” new version will open 3 kinds of distinctive mode, open in April test takes time: 2019-03-25 11:12:47 origin: Official author: The government edits: Sleep the sheep of lie-in
Abstract: Game of pirate adventure sandbox ” ATLAS ” in Steam platform already open experiences first already 4 months, game is in the peak value after will be being opened on December 22 is online nearly 60000 people, obtain Steam2018 person gas is the most new and high swim award. Develop business Grapeshot Games, instinct Games will be right ” ATLAS ” roll out interpose at ” the experience checks ” and ” 2 ” the large iteration edition between version, code name ” ATLAS 1.5 ” . Be based on ” ATLAS ” the player feedback that experiences level first and game development wish scene, develop group Grapeshot Games, instinct Games will be in ” ATLAS 1.5 ” in to PVP, PVE mode undertakes redesigning, rolled out new version test to take in April. Mode of Atlas 1.5 game ” ATLAS ” what the player loves is two kinds of disparate game dimensions and style. What a kind of player loves dimensions of 2-50 renown player is medium or small consortium mode, another kind more apt the large consortium battle of 200 people above. New version will not seek intermediate cost in the hobby of two kinds of players, because this meeting weakens the experience of mode of two kinds of game. Accordingly, be in ” ATLAS 1.5 ” lieutenant general basis number of consortium upper limit, offer two kinds of mode at the same time, allow a player to choose his most the game mode that love. The regulation that double mode coexists is not invariable, if be necessary, the regulation of ATLAS will continue to optimize with iteration. Does ATLAS 1.5 use 3 kinds of distinctive game mode: ? Mode of VP of Lian Wu , medium or small PVP mode, PVE mode. New game element is large-scale PVP mode (ATLAS is Caesarean) the existing ATLAS system that this mode is equal basically to be familiar with at player place. On original game mode, undertake to feudal system a few canzonet fix the problem that encounters with solving a player. The system of claim for compensation of ATLAS empire special the feudal system that is similar to a tradition, but can increase the oldest growing rate and restrict without the number, suit to like the hard nucleus player of large-scale, high risk and tall redound. ” ATLAS ” won’t restrict big consortium and consortium to be opposite of member dimensions patulous, without declare war system and armistice time. Because large consortium has done not have the number upper limit of 200 people, in the world of the law of jungle, powerful consortium can be held whole or several servers, creat a real empire. Medium or small PVP mode (ATLAS is colonial) this mode can have more new mechanism and new regulation, use new feudal system. It will include pair of consortium and upper limit of allied set number, new declare war system and warlike time. Overweight of side of mode of[……]

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” command and conquer: Refashion edition ” scheme of check of side column UI is clearer and intuitionistic

Now (on June 6) , EA producer Jim Vessella announced ” command and conquer: Refashion edition ” scheme of check of side column UI, state they already finished game to make level beforehand, begin to be thrown in the process that make with all one’s strength. Producer expresses to be down the demand of scroll to decrease, and redesigned side column. Can see a building from inside the graph, arm of services, car and support technical ability, this side column is based on ” command and conquer 3 ” interfacial design, look very clear and intuitionistic. Maintenance, sell and not be to use a character to express. ” command and conquer: Refashion edition ” development work is in charge of by Petroglyph atelier, gathered together the patriarch developer of many Yuan Ximu atelier. This refashion content still included ” red alert ” of series all extending. In addition, ” command and conquer: Refashion edition ” will not include any small trade. [……]

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Machine armour RTS ” iron and steel is reaped ” real opportunity of much person mode demonstrates to tear open house maniple to come

Now, king Art was released ” iron and steel is reaped ” brand-new version, at present game has entered much person mode to check first, participate in numerous the player that prepares purchase in advance can undertake buying, meanwhile, intermediary gave off game real opportunity to demonstrate outside, look together. Real opportunity demonstrates:
In phase of Alpha 2 version, game joined antagonism computer mode, include AI assault pattern, task of much person collaboration, content of 3 pieces of maps (two 1V1 map, ) of map of a 2V2, play is at present only factional, but this factional included tens of planting machine armour chooses for the player. To the player with instant and politic familiar game, very should fast can begin makes the game with battle style this. ” iron and steel is reaped ” after story setting set is one battle start shooting, secret organization plans to disturb Europe, the mankind burned trees of more science and technology through Industrial Revolution, make an armour of such as machine, mobile steely fort wait for the thing that fills vapour friend to overcome a style. Game includes 3 great empires, german Sa Ke Sen is Caesarean, pineapple Buddhist nun inferior republic, su Yue is regnal. The player needs to hold accuse armour of heroic part, machine and soldier to defy these are organized, make a tough fight. Game mechanism includes trends to destroy an element, although maniple supports automatic exploration blindage, but blindage is very easy damaged, especially those battleplan armour, must beware of enemy, game still uses sandbox task mechanism, explore distinctive method to manage campaign. Video cut pursues: [……]

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” the rocket is allied ” offer free free to play an experience on the weekend originally 6 lose sales promotion

Psyonic atelier announces weekend open ” the rocket is allied ” (Rocket League) free free plays an activity, everybody can download freely and free plays ” the rocket is allied ” .

Not only such, buy before April 25 ” the rocket is allied ” will enjoy 6 lose privilege, PC edition makes work only 40 yuan of RMBs. If you already proceed with ” the rocket is allied ” , can enjoy DLC 8 lose privilege.


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” battleground 1 ” detail analysis video gives off: Car / destroy / weapon / set

If you want to understand morely ” battleground 1 ” content, the news briefing that is in London actually has a lot of interesting fine node.

Attended this to release Youtube user Jackfrags of the activity, a paragraph of interesting video uploaded to explain the multi-element in game on the website, include car / destructible degree / game set / the weapon waits content a moment.


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” suicidal maniple ” clown daughter has a picture of dispatches from foreign news agency numerous DC heroine joins in

One horn will be in clown daughter DC blows hard ” team of X spy dispatch (suicidal maniple) ” in show motion picture of body true person first, before prevue does not have exposure, light of a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch is to look at a field to illuminate had fallen in love with this part, and song of Ma of the person that act Teluobi is social status violent wind more rise. According to American media coverage, in view of this part unexpected welcome, the female that movie industry decision rolls out Wanner to give priority to horn with clown daughter is super heroic film.

This antic female film is not film of so called single person, give priority to horn with clown daughter however, add other woman super hero and Anglophobia powerful role, such as is batty falcon of female, heaven (the daughter of batty a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct + black canary + the team that the daughter of Gordon director forms) conformal color hopeful shows a body in film. Ma song Teluobi can continue not only personate is antic female one horn, still can hold the position of this producer.

The woman role of DC universe is rising abruptly quickly, admire besides the United States doughty magical outside female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, clown daughter is undoubtedly most one of parts that get attention, and super hero film meets this female that gives priority to horn with clown daughter to introduce more DC heroine the viewer.

Current, this had not placed schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, if will be shown on August 5 ” team of X spy dispatch (suicidal maniple) ” box-office expression not common, huanaken meets those who accelerate this to prepare surely take a step.


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